frican animals, the beauty of the Karoo in the Western Cape and very little cell coverage with minimal wifi are some of the things that make going to make your stay at Inverdoorn Game Reserve a holiday to remember. 

Why? Because you have no excuse not to lose yourself in nature and the company of others.

I know it might sound frightening but let me explain to you why you need this in your life right now in 7 short reasons:

1)Work won’t be able to contact you and you won’t be able to check in on work. We all know that the pull of work can sometimes be all-too-alluring like ‘let me quickly send this email’ or ‘let me quickly fill out this form online’ but the truth of the matter is you need time away from work every now and then.

2)All your attention will be focused on the moment and those around you. The best way to connect with someone to spend one-on-one time with them experiencing something new because that’s an experience that you as a couple or you as a family or friends can take with you forever.

3)There’s no social media so you actually be social.

4)Instead of focusing on what pictures you can post on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter you can actually look at the animals and make a real connection with them away from a screen.Sometimes these platforms that are meant to help us express ourselves or capture a moment can end up delaying your gratification within the moment. Without them you can immerse yourselves fully in the interaction with these beasts of the South African wild.

5)You can rest easy knowing that you’re safe and everything is taken care of for you, there’s no traffic to sit in or meeting to rush to.

6)You can get some perspective on your busy life in the city/another country and think about what’s really important.

7)You can sleep better than you ever have before: there is nothing like the sleep you get in the Karoo.

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Cheetahs love to lick themselves and nature at Inverdoorn. Come on down and see them sometime soon!


We all know the beauty and majesty of the African bush from posts on social media and the like. But what’s stopping you from going out there and experiencing it all for yourself?
Here at Inverdoorn game reserve and Cheetah conservation we have everything you could possibly want from a holiday: great service, luxurious accommodation and wildlife that become more than just a reason to visit, they become a reason to keep coming back.

1.The Rhinos: This endangered South African treasure has been poached close to the point of extinction and that’s why we have made it our mission to try and keep this beautiful beast safe by putting poison into its horn that does not harm the animal but will only the thuggish poacher sick and the horn unsellable.
By doing this future generations might be able to see what we have taken so for granted.

2.The Giraffes: The long necked and awkwardly beautiful animals travel throughout our game reserve in herds that hunker down to munch on the Fynbos that grows in abundance at their feet.

Watching them is like watching a group of brown and gold models walk a runway in the Karoo.

3.The Lions: With manes so magnificent they scarcely seem real and coats to match our 3 lions are something to behold. Rescued from sure death and slowly but steadily settling into their new lives these apex predators are worth the journey to our lodge 2.5 hours outside of Cape Town.

4.The Cheetahs: Inverdoorn is a Cheetah conservancy and we love our big cats so much that they’re on our emblem. We are Cheetah experts and revel in showing you the visitor everything about this animal. So come visit and learn more about the world’s fastest land animal.

5.The Zebra: The perfect blend of black and white without the dullness of grey these horse-like wanders of Africa are so cute and cuddly that one might be forgiven for underestimating their strength, their kick is actually 10X stronger than that of a horse.

6.The Wildebeest: Striking in their appearance and stoically silent in their demeanour these warriors of the wild are something to behold in their natural habitat.

7.The bucks (Springboks, Gemsbok, Kudu and more): Springboks, South Africa’s national animal, hang out with their buck brothers and sisters roaming free here at Inverdoorn. They hop, jump and skip all over the reserve casting beautifully silhouettes against the African sky.

8.The Elephants: Big, strong and gentle (most of the time) these animals that tower above us travel together in search of something to munch on, which the find in abundance on our thorn trees. Believe it or not these gentle giants love this food source so much that they don’t even mind the prickly bits that hurt us with just a touch.

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Inverdoorn – What better way to get to know someone than in their own words?
Meet Caroline, happy, young and in love with Cheetahs. 
Below, you can read about what’s it’s like to hang out with our baby Cheetahs and work with animals under the guidance of experts. 
It’s not all cat kisses and fun but putting animals first and getting in touch with nature is what it’s all about for this intrepid explorer on our continent. She’s seen lions, cheetahs, elephants, giraffes and much more.
Here’s her post from the lodge:
Hello my name is Caroline, I am French and I am 20 years old. I loved animals since childhood. Back in France I have a horse, a dog and some chickens but I always loved big cats the most. 
One day I would like to be a ranger or an animal handler.
After I had passed matric, my mother found out about Inverdoorn and their volunteer program. Now I am here for 6 months, working with the Cape Cheetah conservation team and other volunteers. This place is awesome and I cannot describe how I feel. It is just amazing and so beautiful.
Although, this is not an easy job: we do a lot of hard work and every job has good sides and bad sides. I arrived 10 days ago and this week I was the first time I was able to go tracking with our lovely boss Leah. 
We went into the reserve to check if the cheetahs that had been released are fine. It was so cool; I saw so many wild animals like elephants, rhinos, springboks, giraffes and buffalo not to mention : of course cheetahs. 
During my first days the cheetah handlers’ Annami and Kristine showed me a lot of things, like how to prepare the cheetah run. 
Every evening we make some of our cheetahs run so that they can exercise. Yesterday I was allowed to “babysit”, which means I was looking after the 3 cubs, which was amazing. They are so cute, it is incredible. Soon Leah will teach me how to walk the fully grown cheetahs. I am very excited.
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Two of the adorable Cheetahs at inverdoorn Game Reserve showing each other lots of love. 

Have a look at the cutest thing in the whole wide world (to us anyway :)  : newborn Cheetah cubs. They’re loving, naughty and playful. 

Cheetah cubs struggle to wake up just like the rest of us. 

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Rhino Calves Playing by ChrisHitchcock

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